Signature Style: Monogramming

With monogramming and embroidery, Beauty & Spa Uniforms NZ, Nga Kākahu Kaahua Ataahua Hauora Aotearoa, can fuse creativity and expertise to craft a distinct signature for your team's uniforms.

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With monogramming and embroidery, Beauty & Spa Uniforms NZ, Nga Kākahu Kaahua Ataahua Hauora Aotearoa, can fuse creativity and expertise to craft a distinct signature for your team's uniforms.

Monogramming and Personalization

At Beauty & Spa Uniforms NZ, we are more than just a uniform provider – we are your dedicated partners in transforming concepts into tangible elegance. Discover a range of services that shape your ideas into stunning reality.

Beauty & Uniforms NZ offer Embroidery (logos and names), Screen Printing and Digital Printing services.  Contact us!

Design and Artwork

  • Concept to Creation: Have a brilliant design idea but lack the technical know-how? Our experienced team can bring your vision to life. Share your sketch or instructions, and we'll handle the rest.


  • Elevating Elegance: Our full embroidery service can delicately embroider your logo or name in varying sizes, colors, and positions on your garments or products. With cutting-edge machinery, we can handle up to 36 garments simultaneously, ensuring efficiency even for larger volumes.

Screen Printing

  • Detailed Reproduction: Industry-standard printing that translates your designs into intricate detail and a stunning array of colors. Our advanced equipment ensures high-quality results on a variety of garments and fabrics.

Digital Printing

  • Versatile Customization: Perfect for logos, names, or even photos. Our large-format digital printer applies your designs to items like hats and bags. Specially designed film is heat-pressed onto garments for a seamless finish.

Names and Numbers

  • Uniqueness Defined: Ideal for garments requiring individual names or numbers. This option also suits materials like nylon jackets and bags. Choose from a wide palette of colors and fonts for a personalized touch.

    From conceptualization to execution, our services cater to your every requirement. At Beauty & Spa Uniforms NZ, we take pride in turning ideas into reality, ensuring that every garment carries the essence of your brand's identity.

    Let's infuse your brand's essence into every garment, making your vision a stylish reality.  Contact our team!

    The Personalization Process

    If you're considering infusing your team's uniforms with the uniqueness of your company logo or artwork through embroidery, follow these simple steps:

    1. Image Submission: Start by emailing us a high-quality image of your logo or artwork. Formats such as PDF, PNG, or JPG work best. Be sure to mention the items you'd like to have embroidered – whether it's tops, hats, bags, or any other uniform elements.
    2. Expert Assessment: Our dedicated team will carefully assess your image and provide valuable suggestions to ensure the best outcome.
    3. Personalized Quote: You'll receive a detailed quote based on the image complexity and the number of stitches required for the embroidery. Our costs are intricately linked to the artistry involved.
    4. Preview Stage: Upon accepting the quote, we'll create a PDF sample of the embroidery. This preview allows you to visualize the final result, including size and colors.
    5. Embroidery Commences: Once you're satisfied with the PDF sample, we'll move ahead to bring your vision to life through embroidery.

    Kindly allow us a minimum of 1-2 weeks for setting up an embroidered company logo. This timeframe ensures meticulous attention to detail and allows us to guarantee your satisfaction. Our priority is to get it right, reflecting the essence of your brand in every stitch.

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    Discover Your Signature Look

    Unveil the potential of personalization at Beauty & Spa Uniforms NZ, Nga Kākahu Kaahua Ataahua Hauora Aotearoa. Our range of services is designed to transform uniforms into statements of individuality, reflecting your brand's character. Let's collaborate to craft a uniform that resonates with your team's spirit. Elevate your image with us today.

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