Certainty Technologies

CERTAINTY™ features the patented freshness technology of SILVADUR™, which keeps bacteria at bay so scrubs stay fresh and odor free. CERTAINTY gives wearers confidence that their scrubs look professional and maintain their fit throughout the rigors of their daily work.

The durable, long-lasting antimicrobial protection of SILVADUR™ withstands high temperatures and chlorine launderings, extending the useful life of the garment. (Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended laundry guidelines.)

The SILVADUR promise:

  • Keeps scrubs fresher longer
  • Provides long lasting odor control and reliable fabric protection against unwanted bacteria that causes odor
  • Silver ion technology works continuously and invisibly, inhibiting microbial growth and bacteria build up
  • Extends the strength and life of the garment

CERTAINTY PLUS™ products are enhanced with NANOTEX, a revolutionary fabric technology that uses nantechnology — tiny molecules permanently attach to fibers without clogging the fabric weave or compromising the look, feel or comfort of the fabric.